Crewvector is a powerful software solution that addresses two major challenges faced by maritime crewing agencies - efficient gathering and organization of critical information such as sailor and ship owner details, and streamlined automation of working processes in the maritime industry.



Platform’s Advantages


Efficient Management

Store a large volume of data about seafarers, ships, clients, and more in a centralized database.


Improved Communication

Enhance communication and collaboration, both internally among the staff and externally with seafarers and clients.


Better Client Relations

Allow a crewing agency to track interactions with clients and seafarers, ensuring that all their needs and concerns are addressed promptly and appropriately.

Seafarer manager

The Seafarer Manager Module is a comprehensive management tool designed to streamline operations within marine enterprises and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of managing seafaring personnel.



The Vacancies Module is a comprehensive tool for managing and streamlining the recruitment process in the maritime sector. It allows administrators to create, edit, and publish job vacancies directly on the customer site, ensuring a wide and targeted outreach to potential applicants.



The Finance Module is a vital component designed to handle all financial transactions and records of the crewing agency. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools to manage invoices, payroll, payslips, and other related financial activities.


Shipowner portal

The Maritime Module is a dynamic tool designed to manage and analyze crew-related data. It offers an overview of key metrics. This tool integrates smoothly with the existing CRM system, providing real-time data and visuals for improved decision making.



The Planning Module is an innovative tool specifically designed to streamline the process of crew voyage scheduling. This powerful feature provides a comprehensive overview of the maritime staff's movements, helping to track, schedule, and manage all aspects of a crew member's voyage cycle.


Online Seafarer Application

The Online Application Form is an innovative, digital platform designed to streamline the application process for seafarers worldwide. This user-friendly website allows maritime professionals to create and update a comprehensive profile, inputting crucial details such as personal information, qualifications, experience, certifications, and preferred roles. This application acts as an initial screening tool, efficiently matching candidates' skills and preferences with available vacancies within our vast network of shipping companies.


What You Get


Advanced Exporting

The system provides advanced exporting of data to various custom templates, enabling seamless and flexible sharing of information in the format best suited to the agency's needs.


Automated Processes

Automate various processes, such as sending out reminders for certificate renewals or tracking crew changes.


Advanced Reporting

Generate a wide variety of advanced reports that can provide granular insights into different facets of the maritime crewing agency's operations.



The Crewvector can be tailored to match the unique business processes, workflows, and reporting needs of the maritime crewing agency.


Ease of Access

As an online system, the Crewvector can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.


File storage

The Crewvector provides a centralized file storage system for secure, efficient storage and retrieval of essential agency documents.

About us

Crewvector stands as a beacon of innovation in the maritime realm, catering to ship management firms, ship owners, and crewing agencies. Our comprehensive software solutions empower these entities to seamlessly digitize their operational pathways, resulting in cost efficiencies and heightened precision in budgeting and productivity. Our commitment lies in furnishing clients with an unparalleled competitive edge, equipping them to navigate the intricate waters of a demanding market landscape.

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